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TOPPING PRE90+ Ext90+ RCA cable

TOPPING PRE90+ Ext90+ RCA cable

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>NF(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules similar to the flagship Topping A90.

>Fully-operational remote control.

>Precise volume adjustment using high-performance volume relay.

>Ultra-low noise floor(<0.3uVrms).

>High-dynamic range(up to 145dB).

>Six-way input selection(with EXT90).

>Fully balanced XLR input and output.

>Hi-res audio certified.

Topping has released their latest Pre90 Pre-amplifier and the Ext90 input signal extender. The combo pairs amazingly well with the existing Topping A90/D90 flagship desktop audio chain.

Premium NF Module:-

Equipped with a premium NF(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module just like the flagship Topping A90 amplifier the Pre90 delivers an outstanding performance. It also features Voltage Current Hybrid Feedback Architecture and Ultra-High Gain Feedback providing noise and distortion-free signal amplification for weak audio signals.

Ultra-Low Noise Floor:-

The Topping Pre90 features a high-performance chipset that provides an ultra-low noise floor of less than 0.3uVrms. The output has a high dynamic range of up to 145dB ensuring noise-free sound output with a rich dark background for its users.

Connect Multiple Inputs At Once:-

With the help of Topping Ext90 you can connect multiple sources with the Pre90 at once. On itself the Pre90 features one single-ended R and one balanced XLR input but with the Ext90 it can be connected with up to two R inputs and four XLR inputs. The active input source can be selected easily using the included remote control. Moreover the Pre90 remembers your volume settings for different input/output ports so be assured of that too!!

Safe Volume Feature:-

The Pre90 features a safe volume option that kicks in when the set safe volume exceeds the target input/output port. It saves up your costly pieces of equipment from damage due to sudden high volumes. This feature can also be turned off from the settings menu using the remote control.

Precise Volume Control:-

Cable gift: 25cm SKW BG04 6N OCC Cable details here

You can also connect the Topping Pre90 with your HiFi speaker systems as the Pre90 boasts a high-performance Volume Relay. The Volume Relay consists of many premium Japanese relay components the device allows precise volume adjustment with about 0.5dB adjustment at each step. So use your sensitive and efficient HiFi gears with the Pre90 in your audio chain.

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